On a Mission to Better Our Own Health and the Health of our Planet

WAIEA Water Solutions is a cutting-edge Atmospheric Water Generation supplier that believes hydration is the key to our health. We also believe our water consumption habits are detrimental to a healthy planet.

Our mission is to generate the cleanest, purest and most nutrient-rich water using technology that can pull our planet out of a water crisis. 

Let's hydrate our families with the highest quality water in the world, eliminate single-use plastics, and promote a culture of sustainability.

Hawaii at the Heart of Healthy Living

The name WAIEA comes from the Hawaiian words WAI meaning water and ʻAIEA which is an endemic plant to Hawaii known for its use in waterproof structures and outrigger canoes.

Together, our name reflects strength and resilience––our overcoming of water as an obstacle and our ability to fuse and live as one with water.

Hawaii values community, caring for our land and sea, and wellness above all else. We hope WAIEA can impart those values with the world through unparalleled hydration, lifestyle awareness and education.

In addition to our State-level partnerships with commercial units, our goal is to bring eco-friendly Atmospheric Water Generation to 1 in 4 homes in Hawaii over the next five years. By building conscious communities, we leave a brighter future for our ohana.