If you are in need of further assistance please contact us.


What currency is used on waieawater.com?

Our prices are listed in USD.

Do you offer international or mainland USA shipping?

We currently offer shipping within HAWAII ONLY. Please email info@waieawater.com to inquire about future delivery outside of HAWAII.


Where are WAIEA product manufactured?

Our products are manufactured in Hungary and in China. 

Which Atmospheric Water Generator is right for me?

We want to help you choose the right machine for your consumption, production and environmental needs. Chart coming soon! For now, contact us at info@waieawater.com for a free consultation.


What is the minimum level of humidity needed for water production?

We suggest a minimum of 35% humidity and a minimum temperature of 60°F.

How can I get technical support for my machine?

Please reach out to us at (855) 50-WAIEA.

The air in my city is polluted, will the water be clean enough to drink?

Our AWG produce the highest quality drinking water in the world. Our multi-level filtration systems remove pollutants and contaminants throughout the production cycle. Our water is also constantly circulated back through the system so you are never left with stagnant water. 

Does the air purifier capture Covid-19?

Our AWGs are equipped with state-of-the-art filtration systems that capture 99.9% of microorganism including Covid-19. Breathe easier knowing clean air is being circulated back into your space. 


Is WAIEA hiring?

We are always looking to grow our team. Email your resume to anton@waieawater.com.

Where does WAIEA source their photos?

We incorporate photos provided by manufacturers as well as our own photos taken by a number of our photographers including Miranda Tillinghast and Market Advantage. To use photos seen on our website please contact info@waieawater.com for high resolution images and terms of use.