WAIEA for Yachts

WAIEA Water allows you to make fresh drinking water on land or at sea. Our Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG) plug into any standard electrical outlet and does not require plumbing or water hook up. AWG technology gives you the absolute freedom to live sustainably and plastic-free while cruising the open waters. 

Zehra Aksu is your AWG Yacht Division Specialist here to help make renewable drinking water a possibility for your yacht. Contact her today for more information.

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Zehra is a multitalented yachting professional with extensive experience working on yachts as well as in the architecture and luxury travel and concierge services. She specializes in yacht sales, charters and new yacht construction. 

Combining her knowledge of the operation of yachts and understanding of the lifestyle, she is able to help select the ideal AWG for your yachting needs. 

Set up a time with Zehra to discuss the perfect AWG for your yacht.

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